OPINION: New titles to take next step in WWE’s Women’s Revolution?

2018 has already been a groundbreaking year for the WWE and their ‘Women’s Revolution’. With Stephanie McMahon leading the way for her women, the company have significantly changed the landscape of the Women’s division over the past few years. From removing them as ‘Divas’ and simply calling them ‘Superstars’ like their male counterparts, the WWE showed that they understand this is time where the women deserve to be on an equal platform with the men. Gone are the days of Bra & Panty matches and other degrading gimmicks.

The women’s division is arguably just as exciting and compelling to watch as the mens. With the breakout stars from NXT such as Paige, Charlotte and Sasha Banks who have had incredibly technical and gripping matches, for example Sasha Banks vs Bayley at NXT: Takeover Brooklyn in 2015, which placed as the WWE’s ‘Greatest Ever NXT Match’ and was second in the ‘Greatest Matches of 2015’ list. This new generation of Superstar have allowed the WWE to break new ground and do things, 5 years ago they wouldn’t have believed to be possible.

Already this year the WWE have provided the fans with two events never seen before in their Women’s division. The first, the Royal Rumble which was a huge success and a celebration of the past with returning WWE Divas sharing the Squared Circle with the new generation. Asuka stole the show as expected, continuing her unbeaten streak which as we approach Wreslemania 34, is at over 900 days which is an incredible build for the Empress of Tomorrow. To have returning superstars like Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix, competing alongside the future superstars still in NXT like Ember Moon, the NXT Women’s champion and Kairi Saine, the winner of last years Mae Young Classic is a perfect exposure for the company and caters for all different fans of different era’s.

Another first we’ve had this year is the Women’s Elimination Chamber. Seen as one of the most brutal exciting gimmick matches the WWE offers, to allow the Women’s Revolution to take that in their stride shows the direction the company see for the future of the division, full equality or as near as possible with the mens division.

As Wrestlemania is just days away, we look ahead to another first, the Women’s Wrestlemania Battle Royal, much like the men’s Andre the Giant Memorial Match, it will see who can eliminate their opponents over the top rope like the Rumble to be the inaugural winner of the trophy. Entrants include former Women’s champions such as Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley as well as the Riott Squad, Absolution and Ms Money in the Bank, Carmella.

All of these first are huge for the women’s division as they help propel it higher in the thoughts of all the fans out there in the ‘WWE Universe’.

Elsewhere in the division there is cause for more excitement as we get the prospect of two very good singles matches on the main card of the grandest stage of them all. Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jaxx has been well built with Alexa as the mean bully heel, and Nia as the plucky face looking to beat the bully. Royal Rumble winner Asuka will take on the holder of the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Charlotte in what is arguably the biggest Women’s match ever, seeing to of the very best female wrestlers square off to see if Charlotte can defeat the streak of Asuka or will she lose her title to the Empress of Tomorrow?

All of these things are playing a contributing factor in the advancement of the division, but an even bigger factor is the arrival of the ‘baddest woman on the planet’ Ronda Rousey. The former UFC star will make her in-ring debut alongside Kurt Angle as they take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in mixed tag-team match in a sure money spinner for the company. Whilst it is too early for Ronda to be competing for the Women’s title anytime soon, such is the youth of her WWE career, but it won’t be too long before Ronda receives the inevitable huge push towards a strap.

With that in mind, could it be time for the WWE to take the next step in the Women’s Revolution and introduce more title belts? By bringing in women’s versions of the Intercontinental title and the United States title, it could go a massive way to not only pushing the division on more, but also create scope for the WWE to have a wider range of storylines happening on the weekly shows. This would hopefully eliminate the overused 6 women tag matches that we see every week that serve no purpose apart from just being there.

Just one scenario could be for the Intercontinental title, with Bayley and Sasha feuding as they are at the moment, with a culmination of that at Summerslam for the IC title, in a rematch of the NXT: Takeover Brooklyn match which saw Bayley take the NXT title for the first time. A repeat of this would surely be something fans could get on board with a gives a purpose for the women who are outside the main event picture or building towards a push for the main title.

The same could happen on Smackdown, dependant on who wins at Mania, the title picture will likely feature Asuka and Charlotte heavily, so to give some worthwhile airtime and heat to superstars such as Becky Lynch, Ruby Riott, Natalya and Naomi could be great for the blue brand to see a battle for a Women’s US title or something similar.

Whilst it does seem unlikely that anything of this nature will happen at this time, it could be a conceivable idea as the division continues to grow with the likes of more NXT call ups and new singings for the company fill out the division more.


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